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Opportunity to reach children around the world is as big as ever, and so is the need. There are a variety of easy ways to contribute financially. To be a part of this transformational work right now, simply click on the button below.

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Estate Planning

If you interested in learning more about supporting David C Cook while reducing your tax obligations, consider making David C Cook part of your estate plan.

We at David C Cook have partnered with Fulcrum (a trusted 3rd party estate planning organization) to offer you access to their “My Legacy Planner” tool. With this free tool, you can see what opportunities are available to you, allowing you to set up your estate in such a way that you minimize taxes and maximize your donations to non-profits you believe in.

It only takes 10 minutes, is free and confidential, and will produce a document you can share with your attorney.

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Impact Investing

Impact Investors have the opportunity to help establish self-sustaining ministry programs that can influence an entire country or region. The Foundation would be honored to provide you information about current initiatives, multiplication strategy, and project results.

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