David C Cook provides wholistic learning and teaching resources to
support churches and other grassroots institutions to effectively respond
to the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of children.

Tens of thousands of young people are believing in Christ after reading the Story of Jesus in their languages and nations. View photos, videos and testimonies below to see children interacting with The Story of Jesus in their own languages and nations!


Alice Chemey, a trained Children’s Minister from International Revival Holy Church in Marishoni, Kenya, reported, “I have been using the Bible to teach children, which has been hard for me, but when I received the Story of Jesus booklets, I started using them as a guide to prepare my lessons, something the children could follow very easily since they have the booklets and the pictures. I have seen the attendance of my children’s church class increase from 12 to 39 in three months. My class of children has become spiritually mature as they invite others to come because of the materials, and the lessons every Sunday are more exciting to the class.”


Pastor Och Vanny, from the Cambodian Church Organization in Battambang, took 50 copies of the Story of Jesus. He distributed the books through three churches. All three churches are house churches. The groups were pleased to receive the books and to share them with others. Everyone thought the book was excellent in that it is simple to read and understand. Some of them can’t read Khmer at a high level and they were easily able to understand the book. Through the book, they were able to understand even better about the teachings of Jesus, the works that he did on earth, things that will happen in the future, and the meaning of his death on the Cross.


“I liked the books about Jesus. There are lots of pretty pictures and I can often look through them and imagine myself in the shoes of those people who saw Jesus and the miracles that He did in those times. I hope He will do a miracle for me one day and I will find a good family, where my parents will love me.” —Olenka, 9, Ukraine

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