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God calls us to bring youth to Christ, but HOW will we do it?

Youth under 18 are more responsive to the Gospel than adults by a margin of 4 to 1. So it is critical that they hear about God’s love and grace when they are young.

The Story of Jesus shares the Gospel in powerful and engaging ways:

  • Tells the story with colorful illustrations and easy-to-read text
    from The Action Bible.
  • Presents an age-appropriate, interactive call to follow Jesus.

Want an easy way to share the Gospel? Download The Story of Jesus app!

Want to find out more? Read about the impact of The Story of Jesus.

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The Action Bible
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The Action Bible helps children and preteens understand and connect with the timeless truth of God’s Word through action-packed illustrations and easy-to-read text. These engaging Bible products, illustrated by DC and Marvel Comics artist Sergio Cariello, are capturing the hearts and minds of children around the world!

Want to find out more about this powerful resource? Visit The Action Bible website.

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Church leaders all over the world are using the Life on Life discipleship curriculum to guide children (ages 6-14) to love and follow Jesus, develop character qualities in response to God, and grow in life skills to prepare them to be healthy adults.

Want to find out more about how God is using Life on Life around the world? Read some amazing transformation stories or visit Life on Life Project.

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