World’s Largest Muslim Country Evangelism

World’s Largest Muslim Country

The world’s largest Muslim population is not in the Middle East nor are its members ethnic Arabs. That surprises many people. More Muslims live in the Asian country of Indonesia than anywhere else.Unique in many ways, Indonesia is also marked…
Brenda Parker
February 3, 2012
Even on Vacation Evangelism

Even on Vacation

The two small islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are one nation, officially the smallest country in the Western Hemisphere for both their diminutive physical size and a population of only about 40,000. The tropical weather and friendly people make…
Brenda Parker
January 21, 2012
No Planes, Trains or Automobiles Evangelism

No Planes, Trains or Automobiles

The Shipibo Indians live in a remote section of the Amazon River basin in Peru. You can’t get there by car, nor is there any scheduled air service. The only way in is by boat or the occasional small amphibious…
Brenda Parker
January 16, 2012