Living Water for Malawi Evangelism

Living Water for Malawi

“In our churches we believe for someone to be saved, he or she needs to jump on a burning fire without getting burned. Then that person is said to have received Jesus.” This is a piece of a Malawian woman’s…
Brenda Parker
January 9, 2015
From Graveyard to Vineyard Bible EngagementEvangelism

From Graveyard to Vineyard

Bihar, India was once labeled the “Graveyard of Missions.” Now, indigenous Christians at the forefront of a revival are calling their homeland the “Vineyard of Missions.” A group of 200 rural pastors from India Mission, one of Bihar's fastest growing…
Brenda Parker
August 20, 2014
Jesus’ Smallest Fans in Pakistan Evangelism

Jesus’ Smallest Fans in Pakistan

Ruby. Tania. Asif. Anwar. Fulshan. These are fans of Jesus. They are children who live in Pakistan and recently came across some really great news. All of these children—and many more like them—learned about Jesus through the Story of Jesus…
Brenda Parker
January 28, 2014