Living Water for Malawi Evangelism

Living Water for Malawi

“In our churches we believe for someone to be saved, he or she needs to jump on a burning fire without getting burned. Then that person is said to have received Jesus.” This is a piece of a Malawian woman’s…
Brenda Parker
January 9, 2015
From Graveyard to Vineyard Bible EngagementEvangelism

From Graveyard to Vineyard

Bihar, India was once labeled the “Graveyard of Missions.” Now, indigenous Christians at the forefront of a revival are calling their homeland the “Vineyard of Missions.” A group of 200 rural pastors from India Mission, one of Bihar's fastest growing…
Brenda Parker
August 20, 2014
Jesus’ Smallest Fans in Pakistan Evangelism

Jesus’ Smallest Fans in Pakistan

Ruby. Tania. Asif. Anwar. Fulshan. These are fans of Jesus. They are children who live in Pakistan and recently came across some really great news. All of these children—and many more like them—learned about Jesus through the Story of Jesus…
Brenda Parker
January 28, 2014
Paying in Blood to Live Out Their Faith Evangelism

Paying in Blood to Live Out Their Faith

The three girls in the picture are reading the Story of Jesus in Urdu. Two suicide bombers killed all three when they destroyed the girls’ church in Peshawar, Pakistan which took the lives of 100 men, women and children. Additionally,…
Brenda Parker
October 16, 2013
Egypt Update Evangelism

Egypt Update

This is an update on the status of churches in Egypt. Continue to pray for this nation, for the Gospel to go forth, and for God to strengthen His people. From Religion Today (August 22, 2013): "Undoubtedly, the last week's…
Brenda Parker
August 23, 2013
Prayer for Egypt Evangelism

Prayer for Egypt

“Christians gather in their burned church in Swuez and hold signs that say: ‘My terrorist brother, I came today to pray for you.’” This caption for the picture above captures the flavor of what Egypt is going through. This is…
Brenda Parker
August 22, 2013
An Evangelist for Atheism Finds God Evangelism

An Evangelist for Atheism Finds God

A Christian reached out and invited a neighbor to a Bible study. They worshiped, studied Scripture, shared challenges, and prayed for one another. In a gathering that mirrors countless others in the Body of Christ, a world changer was birthed,…
Brenda Parker
July 2, 2013
Family Rescued in Former Soviet Union Evangelism

Family Rescued in Former Soviet Union

When you join in the cause to meet the spiritual hunger of children in war-torn, poor, and developing countries, you’ll hear tragic stories. It gets pretty dark. But the Gospel changes everything, and doors seen and unseen open, and light breaks…
Brenda Parker
April 2, 2013