Enlarging the Territory Evangelism

Enlarging the Territory

Blessings from Believer’s Church, Surkhet, Nepal! We are looking forward to our Christmas program again this year, because of how God showed up last year. We reached 830 students! But that’s not all. The “Good News” of Jesus’ message in The Story of Jesus booklet was…
April 1, 2016
God of Landslides Evangelism

God of Landslides

In many developing countries, it isn’t uncommon for a child to be kidnapped and sold into the horrors of sexual slavery. So when a little boy from Guatemala was dragged into a van, he knew his fate was in God’s hands. He began…
March 24, 2016
Finding God's Approval Evangelism

Finding God’s Approval

For years, Tamila had been told lies about Jesus. But the moment she heard the true story of Jesus, she fell in love…for the very first time. And how could she not? But hearing the story of Jesus and experiencing his…
March 15, 2016
Dreams of Jesus Evangelism

Dreams of Jesus

It isn’t unusual to see young boys playing football in the village of Hinkal, Ghana. What is unusual is 23 boys standing on a dusty playground reading about Jesus. Taph, one of the youngest football players, noticed that a local…
March 7, 2016
More Than a Prophet Evangelism

More Than a Prophet

Nahu is 11 years old and was given a Story of Jesus booklet on his way home from school. For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off the booklet and found himself standing on a street corner reading about…
February 26, 2016