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God Opens Doors

Though many churches around the world are closed due to COVID-19, God is opening doors to new opportunities for children's ministry. David Caleb Cook Foundation partners in Africa are discovering creative ways to teach children that they are known and…
Lisa Brock
June 25, 2020
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Hope Is Essential

Nelson Morales has been waiting on the Lord. As the field director with one of the David Caleb Cook Foundation’s partners in Guatemala, he delivers copies of The Action Bible to public schools, where these engaging, comic-style Bible books are…
Lisa Brock
June 17, 2020

An Ideal Plan

As the church-planting team traveled to an unreached town in the northern part of Russia, they believed they had the ideal plan. In spite of the strong polar winds, they were optimistic about receiving a warm welcome for their evangelism…
Lisa Brock
May 26, 2020
The Power of Partnership DiscipleshipEvangelism

The Power of Partnership

You’re a unique kind of investor. How so? You’ve got vision to see the life-changing potential of local churches around the globe, the communities where God has planted them. And you invest financial support to see that vision come alive.…
Global Resources
December 22, 2016

A God Fearing Village

A MISSIONARY IN MALAWI WRITES: On a return visit to the Bulala School in Malawi, the chief of the village was excited to tell me all that had happened since our last visit, when Bibles had been distributed among his…
Global Resources
July 12, 2016
Back to Hear More Evangelism

Back to Hear More

God, your words of peace, love, and redemption draw us to you. All of us need a place of unconditional love and grace—a place where we don’t have to earn your love or reward. As soon as we begin to…
May 6, 2016
God-Hatred Turned To God-Love Evangelism

God-Hatred Turned To God-Love

A group Village Headman has the respect of his community. The Group Village Headman at the Kabwozgo School in Malawi, Africa, was known for his anger and resentment toward God and his Word.He had no need for a Bible. The…
April 29, 2016
A Lost Son Turns Homeward Evangelism

A Lost Son Turns Homeward

Yobe is an abusive alcoholic. Alcohol is how he copes with the pain he has inflicted on his family. He is admittedly “lost” and spends his days drinking, stealing, and beating his wife and children. When Yobe’s wife returned to…
April 6, 2016