The Courage of Girls Discipleship

The Courage of Girls

Girls watch their backs. Sexual assault, trafficking, and forced child marriage seem to lurk around every corner, especially in developing nations where there is little protection against predators. Even parents are in on the act, not valuing or providing a…
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January 17, 2014
Hope for a Young Breadwinner Discipleship

Hope for a Young Breadwinner

Serving as the family breadwinner is a role fraught with pressure. Yet children the world over are enlisted to help their families make ends meet. The experience has been especially hard for 12 year-old Anika. Anika’s family, 8 altogether, live…
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December 12, 2013
The Boy Who Feared Discipleship

The Supremacy of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a well-covered, often visited issue in the J127 Clubs and the Children at Risk lessons and for good reason. The root of not forgiving poisons relationships, families, communities, and nations for generations. Learning to forgive is a process.…
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September 18, 2013
A Road to Healing Discipleship

A Road to Healing

Three years ago relatives dropped Meghana off at an orphanage. For months she cried and begged for her parents. They would not return, however. Many Indian orphans wrestle with feelings of profound abandonment, betrayal and rejection like Meghana does.  The…
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September 13, 2013
Beyond Adversity in India Discipleship

Beyond Adversity in India

Children in Indian orphanages have faced more adversity than most of us will know in a lifetime. In spite of the obstacles, we hear stories on a daily basis of these young souls overcoming hardship and trauma. Below are two…
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August 29, 2013