Leprosy Curses Healthy Children Discipleship

Leprosy Curses Healthy Children

Smallpox. Polio. Plague. Tuberculosis. Leprosy. Vaccines and cures now exist for all these once-terrifying diseases. But one, leprosy, remains deadly because of the stigma it still carries, especially in India. Thousands of people live in that country’s 1,000 leper colonies…
February 14, 2012
Father Unknown Discipleship

Father Unknown

The sprawling red-light district of Mumbai, a huge city once called Bombay, is home to thousands of prostitutes or, in polite language, commercial sex workers. It's also home to their children, who have no idea who their fathers might be.…
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January 28, 2012
I Will Not Kill My Father! Discipleship

I Will Not Kill My Father!

Nikhileshwar’s story is horrifying. Several years ago he saw his father overpower his mother, tie a rope around her neck and hang her as he watched. His mother died. His father ran from the house and has not been seen…
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January 24, 2012
No Smiles Yet Discipleship

No Smiles Yet

In the coming month, nearly 200 more kids will join new J127 clubs, among them the children shown in this photo. How different they look compared to the smiles and bright eyes usually seen on the faces of children already…
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January 23, 2012
An Amazing Journey Discipleship

An Amazing Journey

“I’m so glad I could go India, not as a tourist,” Mary says, “but to experience the hope in the orphanages we visited.” Now, Mary is not a typical American tourist. She has wide international experience, raised six children and…
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January 16, 2012
The Power of a Song Discipleship

The Power of a Song

Every month children in the J127 program learn a new praise and worship song. They sing, dance, draw pictures of the song, and discuss what it means to them. Each special song is an integral part of this club-like program.…
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January 10, 2012
AIDS Orphan Tells Her Story Discipleship

AIDS Orphan Tells Her Story

Monica not only lost her parents to AIDS, but inherited the disease from them as well. She’s felt the pain of losing of her family and deep resentment that she was, as a very young person, dealing with an illness…
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January 10, 2012