An Ideal Plan

As the church-planting team traveled to an unreached town in the northern part of Russia, they believed they had the ideal plan. In spite of the strong polar winds, they were optimistic about receiving a warm welcome for their evangelism…
Lisa Brock
May 26, 2020

An Unexpected Visitor

Amidah looked at the ground as she slipped into the cinder-block classroom at the small Christian school in her neighborhood in Tanzania. It was time for the Bible lesson, and Amidah didn’t want to miss it. She quickly pulled the…
Lisa Brock
May 7, 2020

Learning to Trust

Alejandra’s grandmother was very sick, and Alejandra was afraid. Alejandra loved her grandma and didn’t want to lose her. So she did something she had learned to do in Sunday school—she prayed. Though Alejandra’s parents weren’t Christians, Alejandra had been…
Lisa Brock
April 29, 2020

A Crown of Victory

At only 12 years old, Adaeze has experienced things that would steal the hope from nearly anyone’s heart. As is common in the northern part of Nigeria, Adaeze’s family began preparing her for marriage at the age of 10. The…
Lisa Brock
April 23, 2020

A Father’s Love

As you walk through your home in the darkness of early morning, someone approaches you from behind. You see the blur of a tall man swinging around to face you, and you feel a sharp pain in your stomach, caused…
Lisa Brock
April 9, 2020

An Incredible Transformation

Monica spent her early childhood living in a small hut in rural Uganda with 13 other children. Though she had very little, Monica had big dreams. More than anything, Monica wanted to go to school and learn, but her family…
Danielle Rice
July 31, 2019
Life on Life - Giving Tuesday Discipleship

Restoring a Fractured Family

How a young Ivory Coast daughter helped bring her family back together. As Giving Tuesday 2018 approaches, we would like to share a story of transformation with you that only God could make happen. In its second year using Life on…
Matt Ruggles
November 15, 2018
Thorani-found-Jesus Discipleship

Thorani Found Jesus

Her name is Thorani. She is 13 years old, studies in 8th standard and comes from a poor Hindu family. Her mother left her and her brother when they were very young. Her father worked as a mason, a daily…
Global Resources
December 5, 2017
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