Leadership DevelopmentPrayer

Renewed Faith

When Blessy sat down at the training for children’s ministry leaders in Mumbai, she didn’t know what to expect. She had been serving children for many years, not only leading a Sunday school class at her church but also hosting…
Lisa Brock
September 14, 2021

Hope for the Vulnerable

In India, COVID has taken a painful toll—especially on the youth. Since the pandemic began, children have faced isolation, educational and economic poverty, and overwhelming health risks. Domestic violence has increased, and more than 30 percent of families report they…
Lisa Brock
August 31, 2021

The Story Behind The Story of Jesus

This summer, the David Caleb Cook Foundation's evangelism resource, The Story of Jesus, celebrates its 10th birthday. (To download a free digital copy of The Story of Jesus, please see the bottom of this page.) We have seen the amazing…
Lisa Brock
August 17, 2021

Ready to Serve

As children in the United States prepare to go back to school, children around the world are facing much different situations. COVID numbers are rising in many countries, threatening healthcare systems and economic stability. As families and communities face discouragement,…
Lisa Brock
August 4, 2021

The Gospel for All Generations

The older woman listened quietly as 10-year-old Maria told her about Jesus. In her small, rural community in Honduras, the older woman had heard the gospel many times. But as Maria spoke excitedly about God's love and shared the colorful…
Lisa Brock
June 22, 2021

Discipling Tomorrow’s Leaders

As a children’s ministry leader at a small school in Rwanda, Chaplain Samuel Odekke knows the value of raising up a generation of young leaders who love and follow Jesus. His country is still recovering from the brutal genocide that…
Lisa Brock
June 10, 2021
Bible EngagementDiscipleship

Good News for Guatemala

You may have read about Nelson Morales in our 2020 Mission Report. Nelson is the Action Bible Project director for Paradise Bound, one of the David Caleb Cook Foundation's partners in Guatemala. Their commitment to sharing God's love with the…
Lisa Brock
March 18, 2021

Prayer for India

In early 2020, the momentum was growing. The David Caleb Cook Foundation's India team had been training ministry leaders all over India, and these ministry leaders had been returning to their churches with renewed passion for children's ministry and ready…
Lisa Brock
March 4, 2021