Did you know sixty percent of kids who attend church in Cuba don’t come with family?
Young people in Cuba are hungry to know God and His Word.

That’s why pastors in Cuba are eager for ministry resources that address the whole child—spiritual growth, character development, and life skills. Most children’s ministry resources don’t provide this combination. But David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum does, built on the solid foundation of God’s Word.

With Life on Life, the learning style is interactive as kids and teachers engage each other in relationships. Teachers don’t just deliver a lesson—they engage. By doing so they see life change actually happening and actively encourage it.

Since 2010, churches in 27 countries have been using Life on Life lessons with children who are survivors of poverty, civil conflict, natural disasters, and disease. And because each country is unique, David C Cook collaborates with local church leaders to adapt and translate the curriculum for cultural context and language. Action Bible in Cuba

Now is the time for Cuba’s next generation. Today’s children.

With your help, David C Cook was able to distribute 10,000 of The Story of Jesus and The Action Study Bible, both in Spanish translations last year. The younger kids went crazy over The Story of Jesus!  The older kids asked for extra Bibles to share with their friends.

The Story of Jesus and The Action Study Bible tells children about Jesus. David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum helps them learn how to live for Jesus.

The groundwork has already been laid for Life on Life lessons to be culturally adapted, translated, published, and delivered—complete with training to equip 3,000 Cuban pastors and church leaders.

Will you help David C Cook provide Life on Life curriculum to Cuba for Christ?

If you want more information about David C Cook’s Life on Life Project, visit www.lifeonlifeproject.com.

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