To Adán, a glass of water speaks the gospel beyond the words of his native Spanish tongue.

He attends VisionTrust’s school for the deaf in the Dominican Republic. At the school, Life on Life curriculum reaches across language barriers to equip students with spiritual formation, character development, and life skills.

Adán says he feels like Life on Life’s visual tools and hands-on lessons were made just for people like him.

The lesson, “Dealing with Pain and Death” was the one that changed everything. He and other students observed two glasses: one was filled with clean water symbolizing a life filled with Jesus, and another was filled with dirty water symbolizing the pain and sin that clouds a life without Christ.

Adán realized that either glass could spill out and affect others. He wanted more than anything for his life to be filled with Jesus so that he could be a light to other students—and even to those outside the walls of his school.

Please pray that God will use Adán’s passion to serve those around him in his school.

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