The Shipibo Indians live in a remote section of the Amazon River basin in Peru. You can’t get there by car, nor is there any scheduled air service. The only way in is by boat or the occasional small amphibious plane. The Shipibos have few modern conveniences, but they do have The Story of Jesus. What’s more, they now have a biblical version of the Gospel, rather than one interwoven with nature worship or other cult beliefs.

Larry Buckman, a missionary called to serve indigenous groups in South America, is thrilled that The Story of Jesus is such a hit with tribes in both Peru and Bolivia. In these most secluded of places, the colorful illustrated booklets communicate especially well to people with low literacy rates. They hold the booklets, looking at the pictures while someone who can read is designated to relate the story.

Buckman tells of Shipobos gathered in crowds around a single booklet. Nor are the crowds all children, although the design targets the preteen level of understanding. Parents, relatives and people representing all generations are receiving and responding to the Gospel as presented in The The Story of Jesus.

“Thanks be to God!” says Victor Campos, director of Mosoj Chaski, a Christian radio station in 
Bolivia, who is particularly excited about the impact another edition of our colorful booklets is having on entire Quechua communities, an impact he has seen first-hand. Many other Quechuas are asking questions of those impacted by the booklets and, he says “are themselves experiencing something very special.”

In its first year, 15 million copies of The Story of Jesus spread the Gospel throughout 27 countries in 11 languages, most recently in French and Urdu, one of the main languages in India and Pakistan. Those numbers are increasing, literally day by day. Following the release of its award-winning Action Bible, David C Cook quickly adapted the comic-book style illustrations to a significant tool of outreach ranging from 16 to 24 pages, depending on which Bible stories are used in order to appeal to different cultures.

At only ten cents a copy to print and distribute, The Story of Jesus is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to present the Gospel, with a clear opportunity at the end for people to respond in faith to Christ’s love and salvation. For anyone who cares about evangelistic outreach, The The Story of Jesus is exceptional. Even a modest donation can provide thousands of copies to people who are eager for this Good News.

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